~~ !! My Friends' Websites !! ~~

Come give these nice fellas a little visit! These are the homepages of my friends across the Small Web, and I love all my Small Web friends to bits. If you like my site, it'd mean so much to me if you went and gave them love too. Thanks for being amazing!

~~ Ecolus' Dimension ~~

Ecolus Dimension
Ecolus has been a very, very good friend of mine for at least the last 6 years now, through thick and thin, and through countless areas of the vast Internet until we decided the Small Web was where we belonged. I've encouraged Ecolus to start working on learning to write HTML and CSS, to fully relive the glory days from when we were kids. The two of us have further plans across the Small Web such as doing videos on VidLii and streaming to PeerTube, overall having ourselves an exciting experience living it up on the Small Web. Here is where you too can follow all of his amazing feats and his progress in Web Development.

~~ Chorbi4ka ~~

Chorbi4ka was at one point just a random Free-To-Play Old School RuneScape player from Bulgaria that I had found while goofing off, and decided to help him make GP for his first bond. Suddenly, he was hanging around me all the time on Old School RuneScape and I was teaching him things like bossing and bringing him into PvM clans. Now he's here living up his new Small Web glory and taking the time to as well learn HTML and CSS to make his own homepage. You can view his Old School RuneScape memories and watch his progress at his page here.

~~ The World of floppyzyn ~~

Floppyzyn's another Neocitizen like you and I with a website that really hits home with me and my Small Web ring. Just a fun page with photos taken with a Sony Mavica FD-88, Sega Saturn soundtracks, general Gaming content, and apparently a whole lot more to come from Floppy. Floppy's site has been a big inspiration to my own development of my site along with my Small Web activity and I'm glad to as well have inspired more ideas out of Floppy. If you're a gamer with a retro itch or you just appreciate photography, definitely keep your eye on Floppy's little corner of the Small Web.