~~ !! March 31st, 2022 !! ~~

I decided a blog was a cool idea to do on my website because HTML doesn't really take up all that much space, and I'm using the same CSS across this whole thing anyways right? So I guess this is my big leap into the world of the Small Web and coming off of the Big Tech Web.

I've taken the time to get some accounts set up across the FediVerse and followed a few Neocities pages I like, as well I'm going through the work of setting up Web Mail for any fans of my personal site, which eventually will get a spot of its own on my site. I may also eventually add a site promoting sites I like or sites of my friends, since I've managed to convince a handful to come to the Small Web with me from the Big Web.

I feel as well, it's worth it to the take the time to introduce myself a little better. My web handle is silenc3, I don't know why I chose it, I just did because I thought it was neato... I have a couple other names I use across the web because I don't like to always be known in one place, and silenc3 is just one that caught on for my Small Web activity. I'm a hobbyist Programmer and Front End Web Developer, and have an interest in pursuing a profession in Malware Analysis and Penetration Testing. A lot of my time is spent tinkering with code/malware and OSes, whether on bare metal or in a virtual machine of some sort; playing CTFs, and hanging out with my folks. I grew up with the internet being a persistent part of my life for a good majority of it, and I had my first computer a few years before I'd go into Kindergarten. Whether or not I've learned much in my youth? Hard to say, my Web Development skills are terrible.

Tomorrow is a big day, I've got work to finish up (Don't drop out of School, kids.) and of course, more work to do on my website and other Small Web things. I'm gonna try creating some PeerTube content soon too, and hopefully, just hopefully I'll make something good. :) We'll see! Also shout outs to my Twistle Stcks squad 4orba, Shady, Keto Studios, and Danny.