~~ !! April 4th, 2022 !! ~~

Today was probably one of my more interesting days... So, not to get to personal with my own life and whatnot, but I was going out to attempt to see my Therapist for my last of my how many sessions that I had with him. The area I live in is, rural? I'm not sure if rural is the way I'd describe the place I live, but it's close enough. It's along the ocean, we constantly get the nice sea breeze, and you can bet that it rains like stink up here. To say that today was rainy is a complete understatement, it pissed rain up here. Even worse because I'm going around this city on foot... Yahoo! So I get into town, and I'm just trying to have a little walk through this nature area before I go see the shrink, and I'm going through this marsh flat and I end up accidentally dipping into the marsh feet first! Augh fuck! My boots and socks were DRENCHED, filled with wood chunks and all other fantastic things. Those boots lasted me a while too! Fun... so I had to ditch my now absolutely DRENCHED socks and find some replacement shoes at a local shop, since this marsh was nearby a little mall; otherwise I was definitely gonna get some serious swamp foot. I painfully dragged myself through Canadian Superstore to pick up some socks and shoes, to which I found these nice little kicks. Apologies for the dark picture, but these along with my new sock monkey-esque socks were well needed replacements! Needless to say, I did not think we'd be getting to my appointment with all that time spent trying to navigate that marsh and getting replacement footwear, so I decided it was time to detour to get some lunch.

New shoes!

Just for tradition's sake at this little Mall strip, I dropped into good old A&W for a burger. It's a ritual at this point, my order at A&W: Double Teen Burger, Poutine, Root Beer. I used to like getting Coke, but I've stopped drinking caffeine and A&W Root Beer is thankfully free of the stuff. They decided today since I was eating in to give me the nice Poutine dish AND an ice cold glass mug for my Root Beer, how sweet of them. :D I should've got the picture BEFORE I wolfed down my burger, but I was pretty hungry and I wanted to find a way to get this picture without looking like a total weirdo. It's a simple pleasure for me really, just this all here. Oh, and you bet this all was delicious, it was A&W so of course it was good. After this I decided it was time to peep into Staples, as is a usual habit when I come around this little mall. I took a peek through the Hard Drives to see if they had any worthwhile internal SSDs... Nah, they only had the same SeaGate FireCudas I bought from them before on sale, it's a gnarly 1TB SSD that I stuck into my Optiplex 7010. But, I was hoping instead to get a separate and much smaller SSD for playing around with bare metal OS installs. Next up was CDs, I wanted some of these because well even though they're only 700MB, I bet you I could make some ISOs of a couple different minimal Linux and BSD distros with these bad boys. I might distribute those around too! Who doesn't like free software, especially a physical CD? Lastly, I had to check if they had any DDR3 SDRAM cards in stock, and nope... they only sell those freaking things ONLINE. What a SHAME! I'll get my 2 8GB RAM cards eventually...

A delicious lunch

After all that madness, I went over to Subway to go pick me up a Tuna Sandwich and we finally got these tired feet home to kick back, eat that sandwich, and surf the web. Oh, I stopped to get me a Mug Root Beer and some Nacho Chips, I have no idea how I manage to stay under 90kg at my height I swear. What's all real funny with this story, is the moment I hit that swamp water I was like, "Oh THIS is gonna be a good blog post!", because I mean swamp diving right? Shrek left me alone though so I ain't complaining. Now, it's time for the shoutouts!
Shoutouts to all my Small Web squad: Serenity, Ecolus, Keto Studios, 4orba, 6perca, Shady, Goblin, Glenn Stromberg, and Lib0lly. You all are the best and you all keep kicking ass, can't wait for you all to make and finish your homepages and get your hardcore Small Webbing on!
Shoutout to floppyzyn, again. Me and Ecolus will dedicate our first gameplay vid to you. :D
And of course, shoutout to YOU who is reading this and being apart of this amazing web adventure! <3 Keep being amazing, and stay tuned for more amazing updates to the site!

Nah I got Mug