~~ !! April 3rd, 2022 !! ~~

A lot more of my friends are making their way over here to the Small Web, and I'm really excited. Already how many more people are taking my small movement within my online circle seriously, though it's a shame how many I had left behind. It was well worth it though! This side of the net makes me a lot happier. As well, you might be able to see, but I did a lot of huge updates to the website! I do need to fix up my stylesheet sometime, it's super ugly and I want that to be a lot more structured... In time. It has been a great ride these past few days, and I know it will never stop. It's gonna be great, I just know. :)
On top of the updates, there is so much more to come in terms of updates to me and what I have to bring to all my website viewers. I appreciate the whole lot of you so much, and it's just nice to know with such a small population on the Small Web I've made connections that feel so unreal, like how it felt to be on Yahoo or MSN with people you hung out with on YouTube Streams, Habbo Hotel, or RuneScape. Note to self: Add my Old School RuneScape name to my About Me page. Now, that's my personal spiel about my website and the Small Web, the big news! (Oh and there's me, hard at work on my site in Vim on my Thinkpad T440 running Gentoo Linux!)

Making my website in Vim on Gentoo Linux

If you've been paying attention to my updates, I now have the My Friends page here! and I highly suggest keeping an eye on that! My best friend of 6+ years has come to the Small Web with me and my little crew, and I'm more than ecstatic about it all. Ecolus and I have huge plans to make our little mark on the Small Web, specifically in the form of making joint videos on VidLii and streaming on PeerTube! As well, there's plans for my personal content on my own VidLii page, which will include vlogs, tech videos, gaming with Ecolus, and a whole lot more. It's gonna be a good time, a great time even. I have so many people who will be visiting over from old spaces I frequented in the Big Web and hopefully my presence here might make them curious about this nicer side of the net, and maybe even stay! I'm sure Ecolus is hoping for the same thing, with both the efforts of media creation and bringing his own friends to the Small Web. Ah, just a dream come true, I could go on about it forever... Anyways, now for my favourite part of the Journal Logs! Hanging out with Ecolus on Matrix

~~ Time for the Shoutouts! ~~

Alright so I wanna give some huge shoutouts to a couple of my friends on the Small Web but I also wanna shoutout another Neocitizen this time too! (Maybe, just maybe, you might become a Small Web friend too one day :D)
Shoutouts to Ecolus, you're an Absolute Legend, never stop being sick Ecolus cuz you're the best! B) You can visit his homepage (once it's finished!) here on the Small Web! Shoutouts to Serenity (aka Danny), this experience of the Small Web would not be the same without you along with Ecolus, both of you together are the Peanut Butter and Honey (way sweeter than Jam :D) of this Small Web friend group and I can't wait to help you make both of your homepages! Shoutouts to Olly a new addition to the Small Web squad, another Programmer friend of mine (who's actually studying Computer Sciences right now) and hopefully I'll turn him into a Linux guy as well, you're a beast for making the jump and welcome to the Small Web man! Shoutouts to Glenn Stromberg from the Small Web squad, have fun on your time away from the Internet and welcome to the Small Web you crazy Swede, so ecstatic to have you! Shoutouts to 4orba and 6perca, you both are part of the Small Web squad's foundation being the hardcore GAMERS of us, you both are the bomb, BULGARIA STRONG!
And lastly, I want to give a really loud shoutout to my newest Small Web follower and fellow Neocitizen floppyzyn, I absolutely love your website, you've sparked a whole new drive in gaming for both me and Ecolus, and we are HUGE fans of the site! Please give floppy's site a visit here and hey floppyzyn, I'd love for you to hang out with my Small Web squad, drop me and Email at silenc3@tutanota.com if you'd like to have further communication! :) I love ALL of my fans, followers, friends, all of you who're part of my Small Web life. Stay awesome guys.