~~ !! About Me, silenc3, the Site Creator !! ~~

Nickname: silenc3
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Langs: x84_64 Assembly (BSD, Linux), C, C++, Python, Unix Shell (Bash, Cshell, Kshell, Fish), HTML, CSS
Preferred IDE/Text Editor: Vim
Likes: Movies (Particularly the Cheech and Chong movies), TV, Sports Cars and Lowriders, Some good herb or hashish, Programming, Web Development, Hacking/Modding, Cyber Security, Malware Research
Dislikes: Corporate Web, Bloated Webpages/Programs, Proprietary Software, Commercialization/Capitalism, Politics, The Yesterweb Web Ring, sadgrl, Labels/Self-Labeling, Acronym people (super sketchy, man), Tryhard Coders, People who think WebDev is Programming, The Programming Socks meme, 99.99% of Music (I only like 70's - early 90's music and retrowave), Most things
Email: silenc3@tutanota.com
GitHub: xsilenc3
Mastodon: @silenc3@indieweb.social
Matrix: @xsilenc3:matrix.org
PeerTube: @xsilenc3@diode.zone
VidLii: silenc3

I'm just a dude that wants to have fun with whatever remnants remain of the internet, lmfao. I've been using the internet ever since I was a kid, and I've always been super enamoured by it. Growing up, I never really had much friends, and at my current age I still really don't. I live a fairly solitary and removed life, and any attempts of making friends offline or online end up being very disappointing. With all that time alone, I just tinkered with computers, learned to write HTML, VBScript, and Batch on my old Windows 98 SE desktop I had at the time, and just never thought much of it other than that. At the age of maybe 8 or 9 is when I first started to play around with HTML code and trying to make websites, but I was a kid so obviously they weren't any good. It wasn't until I was probably 12 or 13 when I finally made a website of my own using my Dad's Dreamweaver CS3 and his oldschool Web Dev Guidance. Fast forward after taking my Programming from my childhood more seriously at my age, I find I like my Text Editor better than a GUI Interface. You might learn sooner than later what kind of a computer nerd I am, especially if you check out "My Computers/OSes". Anyways, I hope you enjoy my simple but nice little website, and all the hard work I put into it.

Hey, you, the one reading my About Me. Don't be shy to contact me at my Matrix, or follow my Mastodon. You can also email me at my email above, and maybe I'll start a Fan Mail page for that. :) Thanks fella.

And the Compy... just peed my carpet...