~~ !! Welcome to my slice of Web Heaven, the Small Web !! ~~

You've stumbled across the website of silenc3! Have a seat, enjoy yourself, and look around.

While you're here on my home page... take a peek at what I thought was cool enough to put on it this week! And hey fella, if you enjoy my site, drop me a line at silenc3@tutanota.com :) I'd love to hear from ya!

Dude, don't sudo rm -rf / bro!

~~ !! What's A Happenin', Man? !! ~~

UPDATE - April 24th, 2022: What's a happenin', man!? We just did a redesign of the place! I think it's pretty gnarly, man. :) Make sure to keep up with the Blog Posts and My Friends tabs!


~~ Am I drivin' okay? ~~

I think we're parked, man...

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